Jobs for Alabama Graduates – JAG

Instructor: Adam Careaga

Serving 70,000 Participants
26 State Affiliates
450,000 Participants since 1980

 JAG’S Mission.

  • Dropout Prevention 9th-12th Grade
  • School-to-Career(12th Grade)
  • Dropout Recovery Out-of-School Program>

What is JAG?

  1. Jobs for Alabama’s Graduates(JAG), an affiliate of Jobs for America’s Graduates,Inc., is a non-profit pubilc service program designed to assist high school students through graduation and into the world of work, JAG words hand-in-hand with the school system in helping to prepare students to become well-adjusted, employable citizens. To accomplish its goal, JAG pursues a simple strategy with a four-fold approach.
  2. IDENTIFY-Identify high school students through a criteria selection process who need help in the transition from school to work or post-secondary education following high school graduation.
  3. PREPARE AND MOTIVATE-Develop an increased self-worth, acquire life-survival skills and assist through high school graduation. Provide stimulation for success through involvement in the Career Association.
  4. PLACEMENT-Assist the student in job placement upon graduation.
  5. FOLLOW-UP-Provide 12-months of intensive follow-up after placement to insure job retention and successful transition into the community.


Why Should Employers Hire JAG Students?

  • Employers have access to a pool of motivated, job-ready, entry-level workers.
  • Potential applicants are pre-screened by the job specialist who reduces the employer’s time in interviewing qualified employees.
  • Students will possess job seeking and job keeping skills enabling them to become contributing members of them “company team.”
  • Job specialist maintains contact with students and employers throughout a 12-month post-graduation follow-up period. Follow-up services, including additional employability skills training and counseling, are avaliable when the situation demands extensive involvement by a specialist in overcoming any deficiencies.
  • Employers are recognized for helping reduce the school dropout rate and unemployment rate among at-risk youth by helping them enter the labor market and guiding them toward a meaningful long term career goal.